We're Harpswell Studio — A creative agency based where you are. We work with businesses across America; between Saco and San Antonio, as well as Snohomish and Sarasota. Centered around curating digital and printed assets with brands like yours.

Branding and Identity

We are here to help you figure out who your business is and how to best display that to your customers. Whether you are just starting out or looking to redefine your business: Harpswell has the tools you need to move forward.
Do you need a booklet printed to convey what you do or maybe packaging to display a new product — we do that. Want to display that new product digitally? We can help create the advertisements that convert searches into sales.

An image of various logos designed by Harpswell Studio

Visual Development

Whether you're looking for a new website to display the incredible work you do or a video to put on your shiny new website; our team of skilled creatives will help you navigate projects of all shapes and sizes.
We craft gorgeous websites to show your customers the full scope of your business. With Harpswell, your website will capture attention to make reoccurring revenue a standard of your business.

Let's Get Started

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